614Con 2018 Talk: Demystifying DMARC

During 614Con 2018, I presented a talk on my work to make DMARC easier to deploy and use, titled Demystifying DMARC.  Below, I have included my full slide deck, as well as links to all of the documentation resources that I reference in the talk.

DMARC can stop spoofed spam and phishing from reaching you and your customers, protecting your information security and your brand. However, complexity and misconceptions deter many organizations from ever deploying it. Part mythbusting session, part implementation guide, this talk explains the shortcomings of SPF and DKIM, what DMARC is, how to deploy DMARC properly, and how to respond to DMARC reports – all without the need for an additional vendor, thanks to open source software!

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How to compile and install FFmpeg 4.0 on Debian/Ubuntu

Here’s how to build and install FFmpeg 4.0 from source with all the bells and whistles (i.e codec support).  We’ll install it as a custom Debian package using checkinstall. That way, any other package that depends on the ffmpeg package will recognize that it is already installed, and won’t try to fetch it from the Debian or Ubuntu software repositories.

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